Apparently, if you take the list of criteria the Daily Mail applied to the reasoning behind the recent Miliband headline, I hate Britain too. Curious how being a socialist alone condemns one to being automatically against the country you were born to and live in. Privilege and elitism allows, in contrast, you to be described as a patriotic hero. Instead of judging the Mail on poor journalism how about we ascribe a different set of standards, those involving honesty and inclusivity. Is it too much to ask people to stop reading this rag?
My annual Ph.D. progression meeting was a grueling two and a half hours long sandwiched either side by a fifteen-minute wait in the corridor whilst the panel of five talked behind my back. Actually I enjoyed the experience, why wouldn’t I? This project has brought me into contact with some amazing inhabitants of our city and talking about them and their lives is a buzz. I feel a little in limbo at the moment waiting, as I am to get the green light on two major case studies that will take me/us up to June of next year. Andy, Gemma and I are currently negotiating with three diverse cultural communities in an attempt to spend our hard won arts council grant. More news on that by the end of the month…

The Press we Deserve?