Alter Ego023

Today there is good news and there is bad news. If you enjoy the occasional bowel cramp you can always rely on that odious glans Gove whose friends the bankers, able to decide what to do with other peoples money, ensured that those forced to use food-banks were not. This Doylem is in charge of education, this caring and in touch [sic] fool must never again be voted in as a member of parliament. Please go straight here and add your name to anything with his name alongside it. That’s an order. You simply won’t believe how good it will make you feel, trust me I’m a photographer/lecturer/parent/human being.
The good news is that the wonderful Cheryl at our city’s archive have secured a heritage lottery grant for a project entitled “The City as Bricolage“, hang on, that’s the working title of my Ph.D! We are chuffed but as ever I have confused feelings about it. I’m pleased that the project can commission Andy and Gemma to pursue a project however I am skeptical about whether this the right way to to achieve our archiving requirements. This document outlines the new priorities being spoken about in the knowledge that local government funding is in tatters for it bold aims. Time will tell.
Don’t forget Gove, do it now!


The Government We Deserve?