Sheffield Star, Friday 24th May, 2012 Sheffield gran stared hit-and-run driver in the face.

So the dust has settled after my last entry allowing me time to filter the various comments emailed to the office about what the Brunette and me are calling “Thatchergate”. Apparently I should be marched naked through the streets, of Dore presumably, and flogged. You Tories, you know how to have fun, I’ll bring along a citrus fruit and the noose. I was reminded too that I was a photographer, as such not to dare and have an opinion about anything else. Well I can only point those folks to the demanding work of the likes of Eugene Richards, Sebastiao Salgado or our own Don McCullin, who incidentally was twice refused a pass to cover the Falklands War due mainly to how his extraordinary images from Vietnam, and those of others, began to change public opinion of that conflict. So please, don’t tell me I’m just a photographer. I am also an educator and yesterday I won an award, it’s called a Golden Robe and voted for by students. I won in the category “Innovative Teaching”, thoroughly deserved it is too although it’s not exactly textbook and does make my boss wince from time to time.

Talking of Tories without a clue, Gove.

The conversation in the office yesterday revolved around the incident in Woolwich. A few of my colleagues know that I served for a while in the Army, during Thatcher’s dictatorship actually. I also did my basic training there at those barracks where the incident took place. Here’s the thing, it took twenty minutes for armed police to get on the scene but behind them was a body of men and women with an armoury of weapons who were not mobilised. Not entirely sure why not, answers on a postcard? I have fond memories of my time there, I was 17 and knew exactly what all 17 year olds know, everything. I was an indestructible babe magnet with all my own teeth. I left Woolwich to become a soldier, one who cleared the nations rubbish from the streets and drove a Green Goddess around Ashton-under-Lyne. I was a strike breaker first soldier second, so I have my own personal history with Thatcher’s Britain that include tours of Ireland and a bit part in the Falklands conflict. If it’s all the same to those who emailed me, I would like to have my own thoughts and opinions about those times and that woman.


The Enemy Without!