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How may I recognise a good craftsman? First by the reputation of his ancestors for honesty and sincerity: then by his ability to create something new with an experience that is old. Confucius.
We are very close to finishing the filming at TSL, where craftsmanship is all around. I didn’t realise how many family units there were in the workforce until I started the interviews; three father and sons and some brothers to boot. I decided after interviewing the boss, Andrew Eyre, that the next six months should be monitored too. They have come through a sticky patch in an industry that is not in the least bit recession proof and it will be interesting to see where his ambitious plans for the company lead him. I admire his loyalty to be honest, he cares for his workers and has already declined two offers to sell out; his brands are globally recognized but selling would jeopardize any ongoing production in Sheffield.

Talking of Confucius, I was in Meadowhall this morning [not my favourite destination] picking up a new piece of technology. I was however pleasantly surprised by the observance of two minutes silence led by a team of Storm Troopers alongside the Help For Hero’s stand. A sight I thought I would never witness, a bit like George W Bush finishing the Sun crossword.

Finally, the second incarnation of the bi-monthly publication is now on the streets, well, in the University Student Union, the Cultural Industry Quarter, Rude Shipyard, The Central Library, Hallam University and not forgetting our wonderful archive. Thanks again to dust.

Rememberance Monday