Black History Month, Tapton School

The news is that there is not much news. After getting conformation regarding the arts council funding bid success we have entered a serious period of negotiating with our proposed partners. Gemma, who has made numerous interventions into the cultural backwaters of Sheffield, is finding a new way to approach and work together with the Chinese community. I too wish to engage with them, but it’s not teatime yet. It’s strange to think that the Chinese Diaspora has influenced many things on a global scale for many decades yet still little documentation exists of them on a local level. Our archive has scant references and photographically contains only a few images of people standing outside a restaurant. I’m intrigued; does this represent a lack of engagement from our perspective or from theirs? Is there in fact a value attributable at all to this archival engagement from the community’s perspective?
Andy’s work with the Children’s Hospital is receiving widespread plaudits, and rightly so, it has a sensitivity and respect applicable to this genre of concerned photography. Andy is concentrating on a new perspective and relationship with the hospital involving some of the outreach projects they are engaged with. I have two irons in the fire; I wish to work in a substance abuse rehabilitation centre working alongside the clients to produce their own narrative of the recovery program. I also am fascinated by what teenagers think of the age in which they live and what they feel should be saved of it for future generations to come. Tapton School is my chosen venue for this, I have worked with them on previous occasions, notably during Black History Month, due mainly to their progressive outlook and the fact that they have a Gove shaped wax effigy in the staff room that rightly receives a little prick on a daily basis.
It’s a busy period at University, the first years are settling in just as one would expect. Ill, drunk and under-nourished, it makes one proud. I was asked a curious question the other day during a seminar, “what is a 500 word essay?” That’s like asking, “What are deaf people for?” Gove, I know you read this blog, I do Edward Snowden told me, and I’m watching you, do the respectable thing and resign.