The Brunette brought me a gift back in the shopping yesterday knowing that it would appeal to my inner five year old, it did. Better still would be if she could arrange for me to be in that company’s next marketing meeting for their latest product, got to be fun…
Actually, it’s not from Tescos, we boycott them, I’m just blaming them because I don’t like them and it’s my blog. Why am I feeling childish today? I don’t know, maybe I have some retro existential angst syndrome due to all my childhood TV memories going horribly wrong. Did the BBC have some “dodgy” fudge brownies in the canteen for a decade or what?
I can’t concentrate on my work today, I’ve loads to do, storyboards to consider for both TSL and the NCWA as well as preparing the case study for Tapton School. Nathan and I had a meeting yesterday to discuss treatments, we like the same things; old Pathe Newsreels, “Man with a Movie Camera”, and “Manafactured Landscapes” by Edward Burtynsky for example. The best tracking shot you will ever see in cinema.
The scene on the River Don this morning reminded me of the Student Rag week, whatever happened to that?


Ooh-er Tescos!


Cock Flavour