Andy Brown

Given an open brief to document an aspect of the city that would be of value to Sheffield Archives, I chose to consider as wide a range of places of worship as I was able to access. Despite the received wisdom that we live in a secular society, religion is central to the lives of a large number of people in Sheffield, and the institutions depicted here are among the most important places in the city to the people who attend them. At the same time, these are places and people the majority are unlikely to have seen, and I hope will find interesting.

The three series of images produced constitute an attempt to present each place of worship as objectively as possible, and reflect both my fascination with the visual (and conceptual) similarities between religions, and with the relationship between faith

and spirituality.

I would like to thank all the people who gave me their time to take part in this project, and to the organisations who allowed me to document them.

This work formed part of ‘The City as Bricolage’ project: an Arts Council England-funded project supported by Sheffield Archives and Local Studies Library.