A sobering letter dropped through my door yesterday from the Department for Work & Pensions offering some important information about the age I now need to be before collecting said pension. A bit previous I thought, I haven’t even decided what I want to do when I grow up yet! Being the optimist I am by the time I do get round to retiring, as a nation we will have stopped invading whoever, stopped ripping each other off and sorted out all the tax loopholes out to allow pensioners a little more comfort in their dotage.
So, back in Sheffield after two weeks away doing, well, exactly what I would have done at home if I’m honest. I am pleased with the results from the dairy farm, which I have to say I was a little concerned about, mainly because half of my film was x-rayed at Portsmouth on the way out, despite me whining on like a six year old girl about its fragility under those conditions to a completely uninterested customs officer who, frankly, needs to leave the macaroons alone. It was most unsatisfactory on a few levels, firstly it was a perfunctory gesture. I was asked the usual; do you have any guns, explosives, drugs or knives. I lied and said no. She then randomly pointed at a bag, the one containing my film, and asked me to bring it to the x-ray machine. With this she turned and headed off allowing me enough time to take 50% of the film stock out of the bag and toss it into the back of the car. There has been a lot of column inches spent on customs officers in recent times but their training and attention to detail could do with another appraisal in my humble opinion. Secondly, the film was in its original shrink wrapped packaging, it could have been hand checked. Or, perhaps it’s about time I accepted that I just look dodgy. I returned to the car placed the bag next to the one with my guns and knives in and got on the ferry.
Anyway, I took a robust old favourite out to France with me, Tri-X, it is so flexible I’m surprised I buy anything else. I resorted to using Diafine a cheap [when home made], quick and beautiful film developer knowing that it will help with the indoor low light levels I was confronted with. With thanks to Hubert & Marine for allowing me into their world at six in the morning.
I need a holiday.


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