If truth be told I find being on holiday difficult, not because I can’t bear to be away with the Brunette for too long, rather, I think I’m a bit of a workaholic. I’ve been in this idyllic part of Wales for a week now and not a day has passed without my head in a book or trying to get to grips with this new site. I’ve taken to eating raw garlic just to keep folk at bay! My supervisors suggested I read Sarah Pink, Doing Visual Ethnography, a struggle at first but once the core concepts are described and understood the importance of this subset of anthropology within my work becomes obvious. Another struggle to overcome is her take on academic writing; the use of brackets containing dates and names mid sentence [Egginton 2013] irritates me. It seems to stop the flow somehow, I just use footnotes. Another curious affectation, again using brackets, is the first letter of a quote enclosed by them, ‘[t]he expository project…’ for example. For the love of Zog. It,s fine Sarah, it’s me, I especially enjoyed the chapter on Hypermedia something I’m hoping to be a major part of my research over the next couple of years.
The Brunette and her father are out buying a new fridge in Swansea and I have the whole place to myself, time for a walk.

Holiday Reading…