My brothers garden

I thought I’d share some thoughts about my methodology for this research. I’ve put Pink down and returned to McNiff & Whitehead with the engaging title “All you need to know about Action Research”, I’m sure they are just boasting, however, it probably does contain all I need to know on the matter. My brother and partner have taken the Brunette to a walled garden, I don’t do gardens, walled or otherwise except sit in them and blog to the masses. I digress, action research. In terms of how I understand it AR is taking action [or photographs, in case some hadn’t noticed] to research ways to make the city’s archive as representative as possible. We are often referred to as “Insider Researchers” mainly because we see ourselves as part of the context being investigated. The book is full of diagrams with swirls and routes through the swirls but in essence it can be boiled down to just a few words: Observe, reflect, act, evaluate and modify. I chose this methodology primarily because it’s as close to describing the way I work as a photographer that I can get. As I’ve said on a few occasions I do not do non-negotiated work, it’s important that it is understood why there is a photographer in a given work place or any other place for that matter. Action research has moral and social dimensions useful and important to the objectives of this study; it is a method to which I can bring my own values to play. If I’m being honest, and what with me teaching the discipline and watching as I do thousands of photographs of being made without any real purpose, I am happy to have a true polemic applied to my work.
I’m going to break off now in order to watch a bunch of junkies running round a track hosted by a nation of homophobics’, if the press is to be believed, otherwise known as the world athletics championships…

I didn’t ask the dog if I could take its photograph, just so you know I’m flexible…


Holiday Reading – Part 2