Don’t Let Go

Rosy Nesbitt

Over the past year, I have been working on a project titled ‘Don’t Let Go.’ The focus is on people dealing with bereavement, of any nature. Having had no real close experience with bereavement myself, this idea came to me, as I wanted to learn about it and listen to people who had gone through it.

I started my research by writing to several bereavement support groups, in which I had some success. However I gained my recent subjects by means of social networking. From there, my project idea reached quite a few people, and I gained more willing volunteers from all over the UK.

My project consists of three elements: portraits, audio recordings and photographs of belongings. I have photographed my subjects in a place that is special to them and their loved ones. A place that maybe reminds them of them, or somewhere they went together and made memories. I have also undertaken audio interviews with them, asking them to tell me in as much or as little detail as they feel comfortable with, what that person meant to them and what it was like to lose them. The final part is a collection of photographs of some of their loved ones belongings; objects that are special to them.

My intention is to shed light on a group of people and a subject that I feel doesn’t get much public attention. I want to hear these people’s stories. I feel that death isn’t something people openly talk about, and so many people must go through bereavement with no help and grieve alone. If only people felt comfortable talking about it, things could maybe be that little bit easier, knowing that there are other people going through similar situations to them.