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Factory Floor


Factory Floor: an Archive Sheffield Film


Back to it.


Hello all! We have been off the radar recently; following the loss of our team leader, we have all been manically trying to pull our weight in other areas and also personal and professional practices. We had a meeting last week and decided that we need to keep Archive Sheffield going for a number of […]


Drink Real Ale, Get Real Pi**ed!


I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself these last few days, trying to write up the TSL case study full of cold with the Brunette in Wales. Not that I expect any sympathy from that quarter, she is to nursing what Goebbels was to strength and conditioning coaching. I have had the voice of […]

TSL041 copy

Free, Free Horatio Nelson!


It’s been an interesting week both educationally and with my research. It began in a seminar on Monday when I was made horrifyingly aware that my current crop are deficient in what old people [sic] describe as general knowledge. Question: Who is on top of Nelsons Column? Answer: Mandela. I wish I was joking, but […]




The French newspaper Libération published its entire issue yesterday without photographs. It was aimed at showing the importance of photography at a time when photojournalists are being laid off while continuing to risk their lives in conflict zones. The paper explained its reasoning in a front page statement: Libération vows an eternal gratitude to photography, […]

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Rememberance Monday


How may I recognise a good craftsman? First by the reputation of his ancestors for honesty and sincerity: then by his ability to create something new with an experience that is old. Confucius. We are very close to finishing the filming at TSL, where craftsmanship is all around. I didn’t realise how many family units […]

CA 41-32 (Vol 1) p14b(1)

Archives. Bad for the Health?


Meet great uncle Albert, our dark family secret, introduced to me by Cheryl, doyen of the archive. He was banged up for abandoning his kids apparently, well, expensive, noisy little beggars aren’t they. I have his nose and his dress sense. Following on from my previous post I’m embroiled in more reading about space, not […]

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Photographs evince an attitude to the way we can document and express a city. It is telling that the four photographers involved with Archive-Sheffield seek different perspectives to explore social and cultural ideas within our town; Capa defined us in 1968 as Concerned Photographers. The city is a space we occupy in a variety of […]

Black History Month, Tapton School



The news is that there is not much news. After getting conformation regarding the arts council funding bid success we have entered a serious period of negotiating with our proposed partners. Gemma, who has made numerous interventions into the cultural backwaters of Sheffield, is finding a new way to approach and work together with the […]


The Press we Deserve?


Apparently, if you take the list of criteria the Daily Mail applied to the reasoning behind the recent Miliband headline, I hate Britain too. Curious how being a socialist alone condemns one to being automatically against the country you were born to and live in. Privilege and elitism allows, in contrast, you to be described […]


2nd Prize.


The Brunette, her father and I have just spent a fortnight in Withernsea this weekend. The compulsion to stare at the locals was somewhat irresistible at times; the two people we did meet who were over five feet in height hailed from Nottingham! On arrival we were informed about our upgrade to platinum and I […]

Alter Ego023

The Government We Deserve?


Today there is good news and there is bad news. If you enjoy the occasional bowel cramp you can always rely on that odious glans Gove whose friends the bankers, able to decide what to do with other peoples money, ensured that those forced to use food-banks were not. This Doylem is in charge of […]




I lost a friend a few weeks ago, someone I have known for 35 years. Not to death, not to anything unavoidable, but to bitterness. The older he gets the more Daily Mail he has become targeting an unhealthy variety of victims from fat people, through scroungers to Somalian refugees. In those 35 years we […]


Ooh-er Tescos!


The Brunette brought me a gift back in the shopping yesterday knowing that it would appeal to my inner five year old, it did. Better still would be if she could arrange for me to be in that company’s next marketing meeting for their latest product, got to be fun… Actually, it’s not from Tescos, […]


My Pension


A sobering letter dropped through my door yesterday from the Department for Work & Pensions offering some important information about the age I now need to be before collecting said pension. A bit previous I thought, I haven’t even decided what I want to do when I grow up yet! Being the optimist I am […]


Holiday Reading – Part 3


So whilst I’ve been away not only have I not been on holiday I’ve also successfully broken my web site. Jonny, friend, colleague and the sites creator stupidly gave me access to its inner workings. Fool. Why I can’t just sit in the sun and burn like any other Englishman abroad I don’t understand. I […]

My brothers garden

Holiday Reading – Part 2


I thought I’d share some thoughts about my methodology for this research. I’ve put Pink down and returned to McNiff & Whitehead with the engaging title “All you need to know about Action Research”, I’m sure they are just boasting, however, it probably does contain all I need to know on the matter. My brother […]


Holiday Reading…


If truth be told I find being on holiday difficult, not because I can’t bear to be away with the Brunette for too long, rather, I think I’m a bit of a workaholic. I’ve been in this idyllic part of Wales for a week now and not a day has passed without my head in […]


Hollywood Here I Come…


Today confirmed what I already knew, TSL is a wonderfully engaging location to do both a photographic case study and a film. I took Nathan [Gibson] down to both sites to assess how this endeavor could be managed. He’s short but he has an eye, just the one, and as I go away for a […]


All Change!


A busy day yesterday, launched the new site, twitter feed and delivered the first bi-monthly publication. That was after lunch, before saw a productive morning with my large format 5×4 camera looking every bit the 19th century photo-pioneer. As is customary I need to thank a few people; Pat and Hannah at dust, Jonny and […]


TSL Turtons, a Case Study.


TSL is currently split over two sites in Sheffield, Effingham Road and Burton Road. I’ve been setting this project up over the last couple of weeks with Andrew Eyre its forward thinking director. Today was my first opportunity to go to Burton Road. Mark, the site manager seemed perfectly happy to let me wander, introduce […]


The Enemy Without!


Sheffield Star, Friday 24th May, 2012 Sheffield gran stared hit-and-run driver in the face. So the dust has settled after my last entry allowing me time to filter the various comments emailed to the office about what the Brunette and me are calling “Thatchergate”. Apparently I should be marched naked through the streets, of Dore […]