CA 41-32 (Vol 1) p14b(1)

Meet great uncle Albert, our dark family secret, introduced to me by Cheryl, doyen of the archive. He was banged up for abandoning his kids apparently, well, expensive, noisy little beggars aren’t they. I have his nose and his dress sense.
Following on from my previous post I’m embroiled in more reading about space, not the final front ear [whatever that is?] but the grand theoretical sweep accompanying the likes of Marx, Lefebvre, Benjamin and Jean Baudrillard. I am skim reading at the moment just to determine what may be of use to me, but I am particularly taken with Lefebvre’s’ idea of “The Right to the City”, a left leaning demand of course but beguiling none the less, putting the dweller at the centre of decision making into how the city functions and wrestling power from corporate interference. Some take the principals to almost cult like dimensions, but hey, that’s part of the human condition too.
I suppose, being a photographer, I am interested to understand how this medium can continue to contribute to our understanding of where and indeed how we live. Sheffield is awash with political and cultural ideas at the moment, I am definitely not alone in exploring what this city is and can be. Long may that be the case.

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